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We're proud to present you with our new multi-player online Bingo! As a special introductory offer, we're giving you a 100% Cash Match Bonus up to $100 on your very first transfer. All you have to do is simply transfer funds from you Main Balance to your Bingo balance. Don't wait, take full advantage of this 100% Cash Match offer now and join your roomies for your chance to win some exciting bingo prizes! Click here for details

New Year's Day Resolution Games
A New Year is here, and we're celebrating the old one going and a New Year starting, filled with hope for the year ahead. It's the perfect time to create New Year resolutions and goals for 2018. To help you celebrate and give you some great ideas for your very own New Year resolutions, we have created a fun filled selection of New Year's Day Resolution Games to play.

  • Start a diet $25 starting pots at $0.35 a card
  • Get Fit Guaranteed $100 better health games at $1.00 a card
  • Coverall Clean House $10,000 Min $100 games at $1.00 a card
  • Read a book starting $30 games at $0.50 a card
  • Play online bingo guaranteed $300 Happiness while I yell Bingo games at $1.50 a card
  • Get organized coverall $7,500 min $75 games at $1.00 a card
  • Stick to resolutions guaranteed $100 games at $1.00 a card
  • Be kind starting $25 games at $0.35 a card

Start the New Year on the right foot in the New Year's Bingo room between 7pm ET and 9pm ET on Monday January 1st and make your New Year's resolution to play for fantastic prizes in our New Year's Day Resolution games. With an incredible Buy 1 Get 1 free offer on all these great games, it's the perfect way to start the New Year!

Stargazer's Bingo Tourney
It's January and a time to look forward to a year filled with bingo fun and jackpot prizes to be won in 2018. Get ready to discover what the bingo stars will reveal for you in our Stargazer's Bingo Tourney and you could win up to $1,000 cash playing your favorite bingo games.

Our fun filled Stargazer's Bingo Tourney plays from January 1st until January 31st in the New Year's Bingo room and guarantees a fabulous $2,850 of prizes to be won by the top 10 players who win the most times on our special Stargazer's Bingo Tourney games. Each hour of every day throughout the month we will play one of our special Stargazer bingo games and not only will players win a fantastic cash prize, they will also receive 1 tourney point that will be added to our tourney leader board. The more points won, the bigger the prize of up to a Stargazing $1,000 in cash.

The Stargazer's Bingo Tourney will play on one of 12 zodiac bingo patterns, these fun bingo games have a card cost of only $0.50 each and a special Buy 6 Get 3 Free offer on all bingo cards.

Sparkling Bingo
Add some sparkle to your Wednesday night bingo fun and play for fantastic cash prizes in our exclusive Sparkling Bingo games.

We're making Wednesday nights extra special in the Diamond Bingo room in January as we play for amazing cash prizes in our Sparkling Bingo games. We selected a great mix of our players favorite bingo games to play between 8pm and 9pm EDT every Wednesday night and they're guaranteed to add some dazzling bingo fun to your nights.

  • Sparkling $10,000 Coverall Minimum $100 games
  • $100 Guaranteed Diamond Games
  • Dazzling Wiggle Bingo games that can wiggle their way up to $100

Our special Sparkling Bingo games will play nonstop in the Diamond Bingo room from 8pm till 9pm EDT every Wednesday night and every game has a low card cost of only $0.50 a card.

Add more sparkling Bingo fun and chances to win big cash prizes of up to $10,000 with an unmissable Buy 6 Get 3 Free offer on all Sparkling Bingo games.

Early Bird Special
Every day is filled with incredible bingo fun and on Friday January 5th we've got an extra special Early Bird treat for our players as we play for amazing cash prizes of up to $2,500 to be won for only $0.25 a card in our Early Bird Special.

  • Early bird $150 Guaranteed pots
  • Early bird $25 starting games
  • Early bird $2,500 Coverall Min $25 games

Our low cost Early Bird Special games play from 3pm EDT on Friday January 5th in the New Year's Bingo room with every game playing for only $0.25 a card. Reward yourself with incredible Early Bird bingo fun on Friday January 5th and get more chances to win with a special Buy 3 Get 2 Free offer on all Early Bird Special games. That's a fantastic 5 cards for the price of 3!

Winter Warmer $1,500.00 Guaranteed Pots
Sit back and snuggle up nice and warm as we banish the winter blues with $1,500 of guaranteed cash prizes to be won playing our Winter Warmer Guaranteed Pot games on Saturday January 13th.

Our Winter Warmer Guaranteed Pot games are sure to bring a warm smile to everyone's face as we play for a guaranteed cash prize of $500 every game. Playing as Top of the Hour games in the New Year's Bingo room from 8pm EDT on Saturday January 13th, there's three great chances to win a share of $1,500 in guaranteed cash prizes.

These exciting Winter Warmer Guaranteed Pot games will play at 8pm, 9pm and 10pm EDT and have a card cost of only $1.50 a card. Stay warm this winter while enjoying these exiting bingo games and you'll get more chances to win with an amazing Buy 3 Get 2 Free offer. That's an unmissable 5 cards for the price of 3!

Horoscope Bingo
January is the time of year where all our roomies look forward to a New Year, filled with joy, health and amazing big bingo wins. We all want to know what the stars have lined up for us in the New Year, so welcome roomies and horoscope fans to a little bingo pick me up, it's Horoscope Bingo Time!

Our Horoscope Bingo games are filled with fantastic guaranteed cash prizes of $100 every game, the perfect way to ensure that your New Year gets off to the best possible start. These fun filled Horoscope Bingo games will play in the New Year's Bingo room from 8pm till 9pm EDT on Monday January 15th. Cards cost just $0.50 a card and you'll receive a fantastic Buy 3 Get 2 Free offer on all Horoscope Bingo games.

Will the stars align to see you win an incredible $1,000 cash prize in January? All of our Horoscope Bingo games will award winning players with 1 tourney point in our exciting Stargazer's Bingo Tourney where we're giving away a fabulous $2,500 in prizes!

Grammy Awards Special
The Recording Academy will hold the 60th Grammy Awards will take place at New York City's Madison Square Garden on Sunday January 28th and you can celebrate this great event as we play for fabulous bingo prizes in our Grammy Awards Special.

We've got a great mix of bingo games that will pop and boost your Bingo Spirits, hitting the dance floor as we celebrate this Year's Grammy Awards. Join in the bingo fun from 8pm EDT in the USA Bingo room on Sunday January 28th to be a winner at our Grammy Awards Special.

  • Grammy $10,000 Coverall Min $100 games
  • $120 Guaranteed Grammy award games
  • $75 starting Bingo Awards games

All of our fun filled Grammy Awards Special games play for only $1.00 a card and you can get more great chances to win amazing cash prizes of up to $10,000 with a Grammy Award Winning Buy 3 Get 2 Free offer on all cards. Simply select 5 bingo cards for our Grammy Award Special bingo games and only pay for 3!

Big Bingo Event January
It's Big Bingo time on Saturday January 27th and it's your chance to become our next Big Winner as we play for an amazing $13,000 of guaranteed cash prizes in our January Big Bingo Event.

The Big Bingo $13,000 Guaranteed Event plays in the Tourney Bingo room from 7pm EDT on Saturday January 27th and starts with 3 exciting top of the Hour $1,000 guaranteed games. These fantastic warm up games play for a card cost of just $2.00 a card at 7pm, 8pm and 9pm EDT and guarantee $3,000 in fabulous big cash prizes to be won.

Are you ready to win big? 10pm EDT it's time to play for a jackpot guaranteed cash prize of $10,000 in our Big Bingo Event $10,000 guaranteed game. Cards for this game are $5.00 each and we guarantee to create our next big winner. Pre-order your cards for our Big Bingo Event and you could be kickstarting the year with a guaranteed cash prize of $10,000!

1 To Go Prizes

We give our players who almost win on bingo a consolation prize. Therefore, every player who almost wins a Bingo Game and has only one (1) number left to be called to collect a Bingo will be given a consolation prize. The prize is 250 Bingo Points for every 1 To Go card they have. 250 Bingo points is equivalent to 1 entry for the Free Daily Cash Draw of $50.00 Cash which takes place every day at 23:59 PM ET.

The entry is not automatically purchased for the player as we have more than one Free Cash Draw and the player may decide to accumulate his 1 To Go prizes and purchase an entry for the bigger draws ($250.00 weekly & $1,000 monthly). Free Games are not subject to 1 To Go prizes.


Free Bingo Cards/Tickets Promotions

We offer players various Free Bingo Cards/Tickets Promotions where players can benefit for Free Bingo cards/tickets to play with. These offers have minimum requirements and for example work in the manner of Buy X and Get Y for free. However we also offer the players the opportunity to pick their free cards and therefore if for example a promotion is of Buy 6 Get 3 Free, the player is required to choose a total of nine (9) cards and once they press buy, the will only be charged for six (6). Here is a list of the current Free Bingo Cards Promotions being offered:

  • Buy 6 Get 3 Free in the Seasonal Room on all games.
  • Buy 3 Get 2 Free on all Bingo Games in the Pack & Line Room every day of the week
  • Buy 6 Get 3 Free on all Pay Bingo Games in the Bingo Freeroll Room every day of the week
  • Buy 6 Get 3 Free on all Games in the USA Bingo Room every Sunday and Monday
  • Buy 6 Get 3 Free on all Multi-Part $25/$50/$250 Games in the Tourney Room every Saturday.