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We're proud to present you with our new multi-player online Bingo! As a special introductory offer, we're giving you a 100% Cash Match Bonus up to $100 on your very first transfer. All you have to do is simply transfer funds from you Main Balance to your Bingo balance. Don't wait, take full advantage of this 100% Cash Match offer now and join your roomies for your chance to win some exciting bingo prizes! Click here for details

VistaGaming's Sweet 21st Bingo Tourney
To celebrate our 21st birthday in August, we're giving away more prizes to more players which means even more winners in our VistaGaming Sweet 21st Bingo Tourney. There's a fabulous $4,000 in guaranteed prizes to be won by the top 50 players which makes this the biggest VistaGaming birthday bingo tournament we've ever had.

The VistaGaming Sweet 21st Bingo fun can be found every day in August in the Summer Bingo room. Each hour we will play one of our special VistaGaming Sweet 21st Bingo tourney games and the more of these tourney games that you win the higher you climb up the tourney leaderboard. These tourney games have a card cost of only $0.50 a card play for a cash pot that grows with players wager, the more that play, the bigger the cash prize.

Each time you win one of our special VistaGaming Sweet 21st Bingo Tourney games, you will receive 1 tourney point on the leaderboard. The top 50 players who win the most games will receive fantastic prizes of up to $1,000 in cash.

$105,000 Coverall Party
The fabulous 21st Birthday celebrations continue on Friday August 4th with an incredible Coverall Birthday Party that will award up to $105,000 in amazing cash prizes!

Everyone's invited to join in the bingo fun at our $105,000 Coverall Birthday Party, playing from 7pm EDT in the Summer Bingo room, there are fantastic cash prizes to be won every game. The $105,000 Coverall Birthday Party will consist of five (5) Top of the Hour $21,000 Coverall minimum $210 games with the first game playing at 7pm EDT and with a card cost of only $1.50 a card.

There's a special 21st birthday offer for everyone in our $105,000 Coverall Birthday party, Buy 3 cards and Get 2 Free. That's an incredible 5 cards for the price of 3 and this fantastic offer also works for pre-ordered cards.

Happy Hour Weekend Special in the Seasonal Room
The 21-year celebrations are in full swing as we bring you a weekend of low cost bingo fun and excitement and fantastic cash prizes to be won in our Happy Hour Weekend special from Friday August 11th until Sunday August 13th.

Each day between 8pm EDT and 9pm EDT in the Summer Bingo room we will play a Happy Hour filled with low cost bingo games with all games playing for only $0.25 a card. These games will play back to back with fantastic cash prizes of up to $2,100 to be won.

• Happy Hour $210 Guaranteed Pot games
• Starting $21 Happy Hour games
• $2,100 Coveralls Min $21 games

Join in the Happy Hour Bingo excitement between 8pm EDT and 9pm EDT on Friday August 11th, Saturday August 12th and Sunday August 13th in the Summer Bingo room and get more chances to be a winner with our amazing Buy 1 Get 1 Free offer on all cards. That's double the chances to win fantastic cash prizes in our Happy Hour Weekend Special.

21st Birthday Bash
It's our 21st Birthday and everyone's invited to join in the birthday bingo fun as we play for fabulous cash prizes in our 21st Birthday Bash!

Our 21st Birthday Bash can be found in the USA bingo room from 8pm EDT on Monday August 21st and guarantees an evening filled with exciting bingo fun. We've got two (2) hours filled with incredible Birthday Bash bingo games to play and amazing cash prizes to be won.

• $121 Guaranteed pots at $0.21 a card
• $2,100 Coverall Min $210 games at $1.21 a card - Buy 3 get 2 free!
• $21 Starting Games at $0.21 a card
• $121 Reverse Coverall $210 games at $1.21 a card - Buy 3 get 2 free!

With cash prizes of up to $2,100 to be won and special Buy 3 Get 2 Free offer on selected games, join your bingo roomies between 8pm EDT and 10pm EDT for incredible birthday bingo fun and exciting in our 21st Birthday Bash on Monday August 21st in the USA Bingo room!

Women's Equality Fair N Square
Saturday August 26th is International Women's Equality Day, commemorating the 1920 passage of the 19th Amendment to the Constitution that granted women the right to vote and to celebrate this great day at {constant(COMPANY)}, we're playing the fairest bingo games in our Women's Equality Fair N Square event.

This fun filled event will play from 5pm EDT on Saturday August 26th in the Summer Bingo room and brings players 2 hours full of our Women's Equality Fair N Square bingo games with fantastic cash prizes of $100 to be won every game. Each one of these exciting Women's Equality Day games plays for a guaranteed cash prize of $100 and has a card cost of only $0.50 per card.

What makes these great bingo games the fairest? For each game, every player will be allowed to select 6 bingo cards, no more and no less. This means that everyone who plays has exactly the same chance of winning the cash prize, making our Women's Equality Fair N Square games the fairest bingo games that you will ever play.

Happy $13,000 Guaranteed Event
To celebrate our 21st Birthday we're giving everyone the chance to be a big birthday winner with an incredible $13,000 in guaranteed cash prizes to be won in our Happy $13,000 Guaranteed event on Saturday, August 26th. The Big Birthday Bingo fun starts at 7pm EDT in the Tourney Bingo room as we kick start this fantastic event with three exciting Top of the Hour $1,000 guaranteed games. These games will play at 7pm, 8pm and 9pm EDT with cards costing just $2.00 a card and a fantastic $3,000 in guaranteed cash prizes that must be won.

At 10pm EDT it's time for the biggest bingo game of the month, the fabulous Happy $10,000 guaranteed game. This incredible game guarantees to create our next big winner and plays for a card cost of only $5.00 a card.

Sparkling Bingo Special
Add some glitz, glamour and sparkle to your Thursday nights as we play for dazzling cash prizes in our Sparkling Bingo Special.

There's something special for everyone on Thursday nights between 7pm EDT and 9pm EDT in the Diamond Bingo room in August as we play an exciting mix of our players favorite games. With fantastic cash prizes of up to $10,000 to be won and all cards costing only $0.50 each, our Sparkling Bingo Special games are sure to brighten up your Thursday nights.

• Sparkling $10,000 Coverall Minimum $100 games
• $100 Guaranteed Diamond Games
• Dazzling Wiggle Bingo games that start at $10 and can wiggle their way up to $100

Sparkling Bingo Special games will play alongside all your favorite Diamond Bingo room games between 7pm EDT and 9pm EDT every Thursday in August and you can add more sparkle to your bingo fun with an unmissable Buy 6 Get 3 Free offer on all Sparkling Bingo Special games.

1 To Go Prizes

We give our players who almost win on bingo a consolation prize. Therefore, every player who almost wins a Bingo Game and has only one (1) number left to be called to collect a Bingo will be given a consolation prize. The prize is 250 Bingo Points for every 1 To Go card they have. 250 Bingo points is equivalent to 1 entry for the Free Daily Cash Draw of $50.00 Cash which takes place every day at 23:59 PM ET.

The entry is not automatically purchased for the player as we have more than one Free Cash Draw and the player may decide to accumulate his 1 To Go prizes and purchase an entry for the bigger draws ($250.00 weekly & $1,000 monthly). Free Games are not subject to 1 To Go prizes.


Free Bingo Cards/Tickets Promotions

We offer players various Free Bingo Cards/Tickets Promotions where players can benefit for Free Bingo cards/tickets to play with. These offers have minimum requirements and for example work in the manner of Buy X and Get Y for free. However we also offer the players the opportunity to pick their free cards and therefore if for example a promotion is of Buy 6 Get 3 Free, the player is required to choose a total of nine (9) cards and once they press buy, the will only be charged for six (6). Here is a list of the current Free Bingo Cards Promotions being offered:

  • Buy 6 Get 3 Free in the Seasonal Room on all games.
  • Buy 3 Get 2 Free on all Bingo Games in the Pack & Line Room every day of the week
  • Buy 6 Get 3 Free on all Pay Bingo Games in the Bingo Freeroll Room every day of the week
  • Buy 6 Get 3 Free on all Games in the USA Bingo Room every Sunday and Monday
  • Buy 6 Get 3 Free on all Multi-Part $25/$50/$250 Games in the Tourney Room every Saturday.