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Once you have selected the Grand Casino Coupon Code you would like to use, you will need to register it and then activate it. Please review the following steps to get started.

How to register a Island Casino Grand Casino Coupon

Steps to register a Island Casino Grand Casino Coupon

  1. Log into your Island Casino Grand Casino.
  2. Click on Cashier, go to Coupons.
  3. In the box displayed under “Register a Coupon” enter a Coupon Code and click on "Register"
  4. Your Coupon is now registered and ready to be activated with your next transfer.

Please carefully read all details and rules displayed after you register your coupon.

How to Activate your Island Casino Grand Casino Coupon

  1. In the Cashier of the Grand Casino, click on "Transfers"
  2. Enter the amount you would like to transfer and hit enter.
  3. Your coupon is now activated! Your playable balance will reflect the coupon benefits. Please be sure to read all the “Active Coupon Details”.


  • Casino playable balance cannot be withdrawn from the casino until all the rollover requirements are met.
  • Only one coupon at the time can be registered and/or activated. Until you complete the roll over requirements of a coupon, you cannot register/activate another one.
  • All Coupons get activated with a $10 minimum transfer.
  • There are no restrictions or eligibility parameters for being allowed to register a coupon. As long as you have available funds in your Sportsbook account and there is no other coupon activated, you may register and activate a coupon following the steps mentioned above.
  • There is no maximum amount of coupons that can be used per customer neither per day. As you play through one coupon, you can start the process to use another one.

Once you completed the funds transfer to The Grand Casino, your coupon is activated and you are ready to PLAY! Click on "Back to lobby" tab and chose your favorite game!

Enjoy and good luck!

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