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Some of your favorite casino games are played LIVE – at the Rebate Live Dealer Casino. Now you can experience the thrill of real-time play, with live dealers, in hi-def AND get a Rebate on your action.

We welcome you to pull up a seat at the most interactive casino online. Since there is nothing to download you will get in the game faster. The Rebate Live Dealer Casino is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


New to IslandCasino? Register and then log into the IslandCasino Rebate Live Dealer Casino, , which will open as new page, to create your unique screen name. Your unique screen name cannot have spaces and cannot exceed 9 characters. Fund your casino account by clicking on the cashier and entering the amount you would like to transfer. You will then be able to select your game… choose from Blackjack, Baccarat, Roulette and Casino Hold'em. Select your preferred table limit and click on an open seat to get in the game.

When selecting the Rebate Live Dealer from the top menu, a new page will be displayed.  Please note that if you click on "resize" the screen will go to full screen and you will not be able to use the chat or cashier.  Hit "ESC" on your keyboard or click the "resize" button to enable chat and cashier again.

Select a game below to read the Rebate Live Dealer game rules as well as the house rules.

All your wagers placed at our Rebate Live Dealer Casino will give you a volume based rebated posted back into your account as soon as you close the game session, practically immediately! The detail of the Rebates awarded is listed in the chart below.

Blackjack initial wager

Blackjack double down
Blackjack split
Blackjack Insurance
Baccarat Player
Baccarat Banker
Baccarat Tie
Baccarat Player Pair
Baccarat Banker Pair
Baccarat Any Pair
Casino Hold'em Ante
Casino Hold'em Raise
Casino Hold'em Bonus

We highly recommend all other programs and applications be closed while running the Rebate Live Dealer.

There will be will be a short break in the action at all table games at 2:00pm ET and 2:00am ET in order to fan and shuffle the decks that will be used in the next 12 hours. This process will take approximately 15 minutes.

Chat Etiquette

Inappropriate behavior online is not tolerated in any way and may be cause for instant termination of your ability to use this service. This includes, but is not limited to, solicitation of any kind including posting of e-mails, phone numbers, websites, racial slurs, as well as derogatory comments directed at our staff as well as other players.

If you have questions about the IslandCasino Rebate Live Dealer Casino, please contact our Customer Service Department via Live Help or call 1-800-243-7890.

Start having fun playing at the most exciting casino online now.