If you’re making preparations to wager on the quickly approaching 2018 NCAA basketball tournament and you’re looking for some March Madness betting trends – then look no further!

Top 2018 March Madness Betting Trends

I’ve got some March Madness betting trends that will help you in your quest to cash in early and often this coming NCAA Tournament.

  1. Bet The Underdogs!
    Underdogs had won three straight NCAA Tournament until the favored North Carolina Tar Heels took down upstart Gonzaga last season.
  2. Even-Steven
    Underdogs and favorites have split the Last 10 NCAA title tilts evenly.
  3. Blue-Hoo!
    If blue is your favorite color, then you should know that 12 of the last 13 NCAA Tournament champions have had a shade of blue among their school colors. Only Louisville (2013) bucked that trend.
  4. We’re No. 1 – Unless It’s UConn!
    Only twice in the last 10 NCAA Championship games has there not been a No. 1 seed playing for it all. In 2018, No. 8 Kentucky lost to No. 7 UConn and in 2011, No. 3 UConn beat No. 8 Butler to win it all.
  5. How Low Can You Go?
    The Under is 3-1 in the last four NCAA Championships games including last year. The Under is 7-3 over the last 10 NCAA Championship matchups.
  6. Six in One Hand – Half-A-Dozen in the Other!
    In the last seven years, there have been 28 round-of-64 matchups featuring a No. 6 seed versus a No. 11 seed. If you’re looking for collegiate hoops betting value boys and girls, then you should know that the underdog 11 seeds have won outright in half of those contests! As a matter of fact, the only year no 11 seed failed to win a game outright was in 2004.
  7. Friday the 13th!
    A No. 13 seed has dispatched a No. 4 seed in seven of the last nine March Madness tournaments and 19 of the last 26 overall. Believe it or not, No. 8 seeds have reached the championship game and won it just as often as No. 4 seeds.
  8. Beasts of the East
    Talk about being a beast of the east! An insane 18 of the last 19 NCAA Tournament champions have come from the Eastern time zone.
    Google Maps Rule!
    In 11 of the last 15 NCAA Championship games, the school with the campus farthest from the Final Four site — per Google Maps — has won the championship.
  9. Alpha-Better!
    I know it sounds crazy, but five of the last six teams to win the NCAA championship have been coached by men whose first names began with a letter in the first half of the alphabet (A-M). Three of those coaches – Villanova’s Jay Wright in 20116, Kentucky’s John Calipari in 2012 and Connecticut’s Jim Calhoun in 2011 — began with J.