Point Mover Special Bonus

Straight wagers, Parlays and Teasers, the Point Mover Special Bonus Program puts a perk to all of them. Get the line you want at a better price!

Teaser players…? Get the most out of all your bets with extra half point on your teaser plays in NFL season. Tease NFL sides with the same prices as college and all other football leagues on all teaser options. Click here to view the incredible Promotional Teaser Payouts that are available exclusively for the Point Mover Special Bonus Program subscribers.

Point buyers… buy points and save with discounted odds for spreads and totals of ALL Basketball and Football offerings applicable to straight and parlay wagers. (Promotional point buying rates do not apply to Progressive or MultiChance Parlays). Click here to see these unbeatable prices!

This bonus program not only combines the best NFL teaser payouts on the planet and the lowest prices for point buying on spreads and totals, but also allows you to apply Vegas Teaser rules when eligible. The Point Mover Special Bonus Program equals better value on your wagers. You won’t find better teaser payouts and prices on points anywhere!

Vegas Teaser rules will warrant a TIE out of a two team teaser with a tie and a losing pick. Standard account settings have two team teasers with a tie and a loser, as a losing bet. This rule can be applied only to two team-teaser options where tie selections are a push. Only teasers played AFTER choosing this bonus program will qualify for the Vegas Teaser rules.

You must contact our Customer Support Staff to report a teaser that can have this rule applied. Any teaser, where ties automatically win or lose, does not apply for Vegas Teaser Rules. Cancelled or rescheduled games are graded "No Bet" and do not apply as a tie/push for Vegas Teaser Rules.

The Point Mover Special Bonus Program is a promotional offer, and you must subscribe to it in order to have the proper account settings applied. This offer is ONLY for bets made in the Sportsbook Main. Contact our Customer Support via Live Chat for more information.

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