Horse racing wager types betting rules and Payouts

Getting Started
To place a bet you must first select the track by clicking on the name of the track. Once the track is selected, the next available race will appear, with a listing of the horses, jockeys and current odds.

Straight Wagers
With straight wagers, you simply put a dollar amount in the corresponding box (Win, Place or Show) that corresponds to the horse you would like to bet on. Win is First place, Place is Second place and Show is Third Place. For example, if you wanted to bet $10 "across the board" (Win, Place and Show) on the 7 horse, you would enter 10 in the Win, Place and Show Boxes that correspond to the number 7 horse. Then you would click on "Submit". You should then see the confirmation page. Simply click the box next to the statement, "I agree that this information is accurate", then click "Save Wager". Your ticket number will then appear and your wager will have been saved.

Exotic Wagers

Making an exotic wager is just like placing a straight wager except you will be selecting multiple horses. Simply put a dollar amount in the corresponding exotic wager box, then click on the drop-down box and choose the number that corresponds with the horse you would like to select. The following is a list of exotic wagers we offer, depending on the track:

  • Quinella choose horses to come in 1st and 2nd place.
  • Exacta / Perfecta choose horses to come in 1st and 2nd place.
  • Trifecta choose horses to come in 1st, 2nd and 3rd place.
  • Superfecta choose horses to come in 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th place.
  • Daily Double choose horses to come in 1st place for 2 races.
  • Pick 3 choose horses to come in 1st place for 3 races.

With most exotic wagers you may also box the horses. This means they can come in any order. For example, if you bet a $2 Trifecta Box on horses 1-3-7, you win if the 1, 3 and 7 horse all finish in the top three regardless of their order. For example, if 7-3-1 finish first, second and third, you win! You box a wager by selecting the "box" checkbox next to the exotic bet. By boxing a wager you are essentially buying a ticket for all the different combinations for the horses you selected. So, in the above example the total wager cost would be $12, because there are 6 possible combinations.

Coupled pairs
Sometimes horses are coupled. That is there will be a 1 and a 1A. Most times one of the horses will be scratched, but if they both run, you get them both. So, if you select a horse that is part of a coupled pair (horses 1 and 1A) both horses would be considered as one selection. For example, if you played 1-3-7 as your trifecta and result was 1A-3-7, you win. Also, if one horse gets scratched, you have the other horse regardless of who you selected. If you select 1A and 1A gets scratched, your bet will still stand on the 1 horse.

As race times may change links the day, management reserves the right to cancel any ticket made at or after the track's actual posted time. It will be deemed as "No Action" and your money will be returned. For this reason, our race programs have a 10 minute earlier post time than the actual race.

Payouts will be made based on the actual track payout. The Morning Line (ML) listed in the race program is just informational and is not used to calculate the payouts. Your account will reflect any payouts once the race is graded. The following table shows the min/max bets and max payouts for the different types of wagers:

Bet Type
Minimum Bet Maximum Bet Max $2 Payout Max Odds
Win $2 $250 $46

Track Odds + 10% *
Place $2 $250 $24 Track Odds
Show $2 $250 $16 Track Odds
Exacta $2 $100 $300 150-1 + 10% *
Quinella $2 $100 $150 75-1
Trifecta $1 $100 $500 250-1
Daily Double $2 $100 $300

Superfecta $1 $100 $800 400-1

Full Track Odds + 10% is offered at selected tracks only. Click Here for more info.