Options Blackjack Introduction


An exciting new variation to blackjack is here and available on your desktop PC or laptop Options Blackjack Enhanced! Options Blackjack Enhanced is exclusive to the Grand Poker you won't find it anywhere else.

The object of Options Blackjack Enhanced is to beat the dealer's hand by drawing to 21 or as close to 21 without exceeding it. But in this case, you can choose when to settle and add a monetary value to your play. Click here for complete Game Rules as well complete details on How to Play.

There is a minimum bet of $1 and a maximum of $1000 a hand.

To play, simply log into your Grand Poker account on your desktop or mobile device (SII / iPhone 4 and up) and choose "Mini Games" from the drop down menu. Then select "Options Blackjack Enhanced " from the Mini Games menu to open the lobby.

Once you are logged in you can click on the settings tab to view the game rules, your last 5 hands, the 24-hour game report as well as other game options.